What is Etherdoek?

01 April 2020

Etherdoek is a 1,000 by 1,000 pixel canvas inspired by Reddit r/place and the million dollar homepage.

Pixels are sold through a smart contract. The buyer sets the pixel color (hex value, 3 bytes) and gets an ERC-721 token which corresponds to her pixel. The top left pixel is pixel 1, right from that pixel 2. Below pixel 1 is pixel 1,001 and the bottom right pixel is pixel 1,000,000. Pixel tokens can be traded like any other ERC-721 token.
Through the same smart contract any owner of a pixel token can change the color of the corresponding pixel.

The blockchain contains the full state of the image, pixel for pixel, with for every sold pixel its hex value. On top of that, any pixel sale and pixel change will be stored forever as an event. Etherdoek is a crowd created image, censorship resistant and stored forever. Because token owners can change the pixels it's always alive.

The pixel tokens actually have a function. The tokens are an integral part of the artwork.

Anyone with access to Ethereum can construct the image. Nothing is stored outside of the blockchain.

Etherdoek is the first true piece of art on the blockchain.

A pixel costs 0.005 ETH and changing a pixel color costs 0.001 ETH. Note that pixel tokens have resale value.